Off the field- If a team is unable to make their game (for any reason) and must forfeit the game, the coach is required to contact his/her organization’s commissioner or AAYSA representative of the forfeiture.  That person/commissioner then should contact the AAYSA president who will notify the County sports supervisor as well as the opposing team’s commissioner/coach.  The forfeiting coach is responsible for paying the ref fees for both teams, and must pay the referee(s) at the originally scheduled date, time, and field, unless the forfeit notice is received soon enough to avoid the scheduling of a ref for the first or last game slot at a field.

The following penalties will be levied by AAYSA in the following instances:

  1. If the coach or team rep does not notify the team they are forfeiting, that coach’s organization must also pay a penalty of $300 to AAYSA.  If notified in advance of a forfeit by a league representative, the team not forfeiting does not need to show at the game.
  2. On the field-If a coach arrives at the field with an insufficient number of players to play a game (see rule 8.L) causing the opposing team’s parents and players to travel to a game that will not be played, the sponsoring organization must also pay a penalty of $100 to AAYSA unless determined by the Board of sufficient extenuating circumstances.

Any team, which forfeits two games without notifying the league president and sports supervisor (via their organization’s commissioner) of any extenuating circumstances within 24 hours of the scheduled game date/time, will be dropped from the league for the remainder of the season. The team will be subject to the $300 late-drop fine and the registration fee will not be refunded. The team will also be responsible for any and all referee or scheduling fees as appropriate. The results of all games played by the dropped team will be nullified, and standings of that division will reflect byes for games that were originally scheduled for the dropped team.

  1. All season games will be played as scheduled, unless postponed for such reasons as adverse weather, darkness, or unplayable fields. Conflicts with a specific single-date religious holiday or with school or scout-sponsored events that result in enough players missing to not allow the team to field a legal team are possible grounds for postponements or rescheduling of games. The Commissioner of the affected team must notify the sports supervisor and league board of their particular situation as soon as it is known, but no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled game date.

    The League Director will evaluate requests for rescheduled games for reasons other than religious, school, or scouting events on a case-by-case basis.  All requests must be in the required format below:

Required format (submit separately for each team:

  • Club Name/Commissioner Name
    •           Gender/Age Group/Division/Team Name
    •           Original Game Date/Time/Location
    •           Reason/Conflict with School Name/Scout Troop #/Church Name and contact email/phone
    •           Opposing team name/club name

Proposed reschedule date(s)/time/location that is open for both teams; no need to contact team, just look at schedule for “open” dates for both teams (Friday/Saturday/Sunday; no triple-header weekends).  If no proposed dates provided, request will be denied.