Arundel Cup Rules

1. Laws of the Game

  • All matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. Rules and/or interpretations provided by AAYSA in season rules for your matches will be incorporated. The  following items will further interpret these rules for purposes of this tournament and/or will provide an administrative framework for the operation of the tournament.
  • AAYSA rules can be found here

2. Before/After the Game

  • All tournament fees must be paid, or agreement reached with the Tournament Director before the first game.
  • A tournament roster including, jersey numbers as being worn for tournament, name, date of birth and parents signatures must be in the hands of the Field Marshall before the first game.
  • Home team is responsible for reporting the score to the Field Marshall after each game.

2. Team Field Position

  • Each team (Coaches, Players, and team spectators) will be located along the touchline on the same side of the field. There opponent’s will be on the opposite touchline.
  • All spectators must remain between the 18 yard lines. No spectators will be permitted in the areas directly behind the goal lines. All people on the same sideline must remain at least 3 yards behind the sideline (or behind the spectator line, if provided). Failure to provide the linesman room to clearly see the touch line may lead to a bench caution.
  • Coaches and/or other officials, players and spectators may not enter the field of play at any time unless requested to do so by the referee.

3. Start of Play

  • It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure all players are correctly attired for the game before referee inspection.  Rule 8h of the AAYSA rules define how a player should be attired.  All player jerseys must have a number on the back which matches that on the tournament roster Failure to have a player correctly prepared could result in a yellow card for the coach.
  • Regardless of weather conditions, players and coaches must be on the field at the scheduled playing time, ready to play.  The clock will start running at the scheduled playing time. Forfeits will be awarded if play has not started within 5 minutes of starting time as determined by the referee. A forfeited match will be recorded as a 3-0 score. The Tournament Director/Site Administrator may modify a scheduled start time for any match or reduce scheduled match length prior to the start of the match; all such matches will be considered to be official.
  • A match may be suspended due to inclement weather. Tournament Director/Site Administrator will determine if play will resume that day (play may only resume 30 minutes after the last observed lightning strike) or the following day. If Tournament Director/Site Administrator determines it is unsafe to play the remainder of the day, the suspended matches will be treated as follows:
    a. If the match has been played for a minimum of 50% of the scheduled time it will be considered official, score stands as is.
    b. If the match has not been played a minimum of 50% of the scheduled time, it will be replayed it its entirety when rescheduled (if possible). If not possible, then the bracket will be judged by the average number of points earned per game.

4. Duration of Play

  • All matches will consist of fifty (50) minutes of playing time divided into 2 twenty-five (25) minute halves with a five (5) minute halftime.
  • Official match time will be kept on the field by the referee. Match time will be kept on a running clock, and there will not be stoppage of time unless an injured player needs to be assisted from the field with an ambulance.
  • The clock will start running for the second half after a 5 minute half time break regardless of teams being on the field ready to play.
  • Match time may be altered due to weather/field conditions determined by the Tournament/Site Director.

5. Substitutions

  • There shall be unlimited substitutions with the permission of the referee at the following times:
    – On a throw in, your own or your opponent’s throw in, provided they are also substituting
    – Either team’s goal kick
    – Either team scores a goal
    – At the beginning of the second half
    – In case of an injury, substitution for the injured player is permitted but not required, the opposing team may also substitute one player if the injured player is substituted for. If injured players’ coach comes on to the field of play to attend to an injured player, said player must be substituted for.
    – If a player receives a dismissal (red card), that player must leave the field of play. Their team may not substitute for them at any time during that match. The team may field a full team in the next scheduled match.
  • All substitutions must enter the playing field from the halfway line with the permission of the referee. The referee may disallow a request for substitution if, in their judgment, that request is intended to delay the play of the game.

6. Noted Rule amendments

A full list of FIFA rule amendments are noted in the AAYSA rules but the following are particularly called out.

  • U8 and U9 age groups take goal kicks from the penalty box.  All other age groups from the goal box.
  • Heading the Ball:
    • For Ages U12 and above there is no restrictions
    • For Ages U11 and under –
      • If a player purposely heads a ball, an indirect kick at the spot of the infraction will be awarded to the opposing team. If it was headed purposely in the penalty area, the ball will be placed at the top of the penalty area. (18-yard box)
      • If a player accidentally heads a ball, a drop ball will occur at the spot of the infraction. If a player accidentally heads a ball in the penalty area, the drop ball will occur at the top of the penalty area. (18-yard box)
  • Slide tackles are prohibited for all 7v7 and 9v9 age groups but are allowed for all 11v11 age groups and GU18. Slide tackles performed by 7v7 or 9v9 age groups will be treated as a foul and may result in a direct kick or (if judged to be egregious enough) a yellow or red card.

6. Game Results

  • Each game is worth three (3) points, awarded to the winning team or one (1) point per team in case of a tie.
  • The Home Team is responsible for reporting all scores to the Field Marshall after each game

7. Tie Breakers

  • The tie breakers used in determining the final results:
  1. Bonus points will be added or subtracted based on +(-) goal differential. The differential will be the difference between the goals scored and goals allowed by
    each team in regulation play with the maximum differential points allowed for a single match being +(-)4. The +(-) difference will be summed. The team with the highest number of differential points will be considered the better team.
  2. If two or more teams have the same number of differential points, the team that has allowed the fewest goals will be considered the better team.
  3. If after above, two or more teams have the same number of goals allowed, then the team that has scored the highest number of goals will be considered the better team.
  4. If after above, two or more teams have the same number of goals scored, both teams will be declared the winner.
  5. These apply to all games including semi finals and finals using previous record in the tournament.

8. Division make-ups and Winners

  • Each group is made of of a number of teams and the winner is decided as described below:

3 teams – each team plays the other two teams twice,  winner decided on best record or tie breaker described above.

4 teams – each team plays the other teams once, with then a final between the top two teams to decide a winner.  In the case of a tie in the final the Tie breaker rules will be used from all games they have played.

5 teams, each team plays the other teams once, winner decided on best record or tie breaker described above.

6 teams, divided into two sets of 3 that play each other in their set on first day, then Sunday has semi finals for top two teams in each set and concilation for 3rd placed teams, then a final for winners of semifinals.  In the case of ties the tie breaker rules above will be used.

9. Player, Coach and/or Spectator Behavior

  • All players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit as well as the letter of the Laws of the Game. Referees have been specifically instructed to run the matches according to the spirit and will act accordingly. DISSENT FROM PLAYERS, COACHES AND/OR SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. CAUTIONS
  • Coaches are responsible for the actions of the team’s players and spectators as well as their own actions. If a coach, as per AAYSA in season rules, does not assist (when asked) to diffuse a spectator/player dissent or repeated harassment of an official by a spectator, that coach may be cautioned or dismissed after first receiving a yellow card.
  • Field Marshals, if needed (mostly to assist younger referees), may eject anyone after first cautioning spectators or coaches. Such ejections will be treated as Dismissals and serve suspensions as described below. If anyone threatens or assaults anyone else, Field Marshals and/or Referees are instructed to call the police, and report the incident immediately to the tournament Director.
  • All players are eligible to participate with only one team for the duration of the tournament.
  • Players, coaches, and/or spectators DISMISSED FOR FIGHTING will be banned from further tournament participation.
  • Teams will be held responsible for adhering to this rule. Any team playing a dismissed player in violation of this rule will be disqualified from the tournament and all matches played by the team will be ruled to have been a forfeit.
  • THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE THE PARTICIPATION OF ANY TEAM, PLAYER, COACH or FAN, if the behavior of the player, coach or spectator(s) create(s) an atmosphere in which a match or matches cannot be completed within the spirit and Letter of the Laws.
  • Any player, coach or spectator that is cautioned (yellow carded) twice during any game, will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of that match and the following match.
  • If any player, coach or spectator is sent off the field of play (dismissed/red carded) by a referee for any reason other than fighting, that person is ineligible to participate in the remainder of that match and may not participate in the next match. If any of the above is sent off for “fighting”, they will be immediately dismissed from the tournament. Referees
    are instructed to record the players name, number, team and reason for the caution or send-off and present the information to the tournament director. All cards issued will be reported to the appropriate state association.
  • If anyone dismissed from the game does not leave the playing or surrounding area, the game cannot continue, and the game will be forfeited to the opponent’s (not causing the issue at hand).

10. No Protests

  • NO Protests will be entertained concerning the interpretation of the Laws of the Game by a referee.

The tournament director, members of the tournament committee, the host soccer club, its members and board of directors, and participating associations, colleges, advertisers, school districts and recreation departments and related municipalities will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, player or spectator nor will they be held liable for any injury of any player, coach or spectator that may result from the participation in, or travel to and from the tournament. The tournament director or site administrator reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the conduct and administration of the tournament and their judgment shall be deemed final.