1. Fees must be paid at the time of the team placement meeting or the team will be dropped.
    b.      Teams that are dropped after the placement meeting or suspended by AACO Recreation and Parks during the course of     the season are subject to a fine of $300 per team in addition to the forfeiture of all team registration fees.
    c.   Teams may be added after the placement meeting only in exceptional circumstances as approved by the league board.
    d.   If the coaches name, email, and phone number are not complete in the online registration system by midnight of the Thursday prior to the second weekend of games in any season, the Club will incur a $15 fine per team where the coaches information is not complete.
    e.   Coaches that do not adhere to their suspensions as received by the Anne Arundel County Sports Supervisor, shall incur a $150 fine to be paid by their respective clubs to AAYSA.
    f.    Out of County teams are required to pay an additional fee per team on top of the stated County Registration Fee.  This fee is passed through, in its entirety, to the Anne Arundel Department of Recreation and Parks. Currently this fee must be paid for the first 5 consecutive years a club is playing in the league.